Blockchain Weekly – Trends in Blockchain #3

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  • World’s first — Buy a crypto collectible token at an NFT marketplace, and redeem for a physical item mailed directly to you. Read More
  • Ethereum Foundation Spring 2019 Update. Read More
  • A Journey Through Phase 2 of Ethereum 2.0. Read More
  • Compound v2 is Live. Read More
  • Decentralized Lending: An Overview. Read More
  • Smart Contracts on Blockchain with Will Martino and Tony Pham. Read More
  • Economically Linking Ethereum 1.0 & 2.0. Read More

Bitcoin & Altcoin News

  • BBC: Facebook planning to launch ‘GlobalCoin’ in 2020 across a dozen countries. Read More
  • 7 Ways to earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrencies. Read More
  • Cosmos ATOM staking is coming to Poloniex. Read More
  • FINRA approves Grayscale Ethereum Trust for retail. Read More
  • AT&T Teams With BitPay to Accept Bill Payments in Crypto. Read More
  • Amid NYAG scandal, Bitfinex plans to support IEOs via the new platform. Read More
  • Binance is building out a derivatives platform — here’s everything we know. Read More
  • Telangana govt woos blockchain startups with funding, regulatory support and more. Read More

Also Read

  • Why Decentralization Matters. Read More
  • Bitcoin vs. Ethereum vs. Blockchain vs. Crypto —A Global Search Study. Read More
  • A brief discussion of the protocol governing the dxDAO. Read More
  • Vroom! F1 Racing Game Offers First Crypto Collectable. Read More
  • How to store private keys and mnemonic seed. Read More
  • The Security Token Thesis. Read More

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